Surf Girl Adventures is born from my passion for traveling and surfing along with my dream of sharing this lifestyle with all the surf & travel addicts out there!

My story starts with my first ever trip to Morocco about 6 years ago. It is there where I have felt for the first time the thrills, adrenaline and excitement of surfing and like many others I have never been the same again!

Along with discovering the amazing culture of this beautiful country, with surfing I have discovered myself, my passions, my limits and most of all the courage to follow my dreams!

This is not just another blog about surfing, but about discovery first of all of yourself and your own limits, about discovery of different cultures, amazing places and people and about choosing to live a beautiful adventurous life!

I hope my stories to inspire you to explore, to wonder, to question, to experience and most of all to have courage to ride the waves of the ocean and the waves of life!  It all start with believing in yourself and once your mind is in the game, all will fall in its place!