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If you are a beginner at surfing, you definitely need to consider which is the best place to advance and improve your technique. From my experience is really important to have the right equipment, the right kind of waves and a good surf instructor.

Riding the waves in Tamraght
Surfing in Tamraght

I first started surfing in Tarmaght, a small fisherman village in Morocco, close of Agadir. The water temperature is warm, tough in winter months I recommend wearing a wetsuit and the most important, the waves are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Close to Tamraght are several beach breaks and my personal favourite is Imourane. Here you can find both locals and tourists riding waves together. There is a good atmosphere, there are several restaurants on the beach and a few surf shacks where you can rent all your equipment so you don’t have to worry about anything.

View to Imourane Surf Association Tarmaght

There is a beach break so is safe for beginners, people are friendly and the waves are perfect. All that’s left is to enjoy the ride!

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