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Break the rules and enjoy the ride

When you say “surfer girl”, automatically in your mind you will have the image that the media is trying so hard to sell and I am talking here about the beach beauty with salty blonde hair and an awesome body that wears only sexy wet-suits. And there is nothing wrong with some publicity for this sport, however, the problem is that it creates in the mind of young women that stereotype that all the girls that want to take up surfing have to fit in this image.
As most of the advertising features a particular stereotype of a surfer girl, the pressure that society puts on young women is high.

Fortunately today with the use of social media channels and the work of some female surfers pioneers, I do believe things are changing for the better. More and more young girls are starting to surf and help break the stereotypes.
It is not an easy task considering first of all that surfing is considered a man’s sport. The first ever big wave challenge for women took place just few years ago so we still have a long way to go.
The cultural and even religious problems surrounding women surfing have made this sport to be a daring adventure.

We should focus more on celebrating the beauty and diversity of surfer women around the world of all shapes, sizes or skin colour.

Surfer girl holding a board

We must not forget the joy of surfing, the adrenaline, that amazing feeling of riding your wave for the first time! And even if we are not all famous surfer riders or have that surfer girl look, I do think that we can inspire, celebrate and help empower women by our example.

So let’s all just enjoy the ride!

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