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Surfing tips for beginners

admin/ February 1, 2020/ Surfing/ 0 comments

First of all like for every sport, you must enjoy it. You must love the water, be patient with yourself but also persistent. Nowadays surfing is accessible to everyone who is willing to give it a try and has the financial possibility to travel where the waves are. The equipment has evolved and there is a wide range of foam

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What surfing teached me

admin/ January 30, 2020/ Surfing/ 0 comments

Before I start surfing I considered it to be an extreme sport. I have never dreamed that I will be able to ride the waves. I was lucky enough to have a good surfing instructor and have been introduced to this sport in Morocco where the conditions are perfect to learn. But surfing besides being a great sport has changed

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Best place to surf in Morocco for beginners

admin/ July 15, 2019/ Surfing/ 7 comments

If you are a beginner at surfing, you definitely need to consider which is the best place to advance and improve your technique. From my experience is really important to have the right equipment, the right kind of waves and a good surf instructor. I first started surfing in Tarmaght, a small fisherman village in Morocco, close of Agadir. The

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Break the rules and enjoy the ride!

admin/ July 3, 2019/ Surfing/ 1 comments

Break the rules and enjoy the ride When you say “surfer girl”, automatically in your mind you will have the image that the media is trying so hard to sell and I am talking here about the beach beauty with salty blonde hair and an awesome body that wears only sexy wet-suits. And there is nothing wrong with some publicity

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