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First of all like for every sport, you must enjoy it. You must love the water, be patient with yourself but also persistent. Nowadays surfing is accessible to everyone who is willing to give it a try and has the financial possibility to travel where the waves are.

The equipment has evolved and there is a wide range of foam surfboard for beginners. The wetsuit vary from short and thin to thick enough to resist the cold waters of the north.

So water enthusiasts there is no excuse not to try at least once to surf.

At the beginning I strongly recommend having a surf instructor teach you the basic on surfing and the most important, the safety precautions. No matter how experienced you are, there are some basic things you need to know and do in the water.

Having a foam surfboard that is your size and wide enough to give you stability is recommended.

Always check the seafloor, if is sandy or rocky, Try to speak with a local or your surf instructor to find out all these details.

Your wetsuit must have the right thickness and the right size so that you can move freely but still be protected in the water.

Learn the basic theory before even touching the water. The right position to paddle and to stand-up on the board and always stretch your body before starting your surf session.

You should start practicing your lift up in the white waters at the beginning, until you master it. The high tide waves are the ones I recommend when it comes to learning the take off, as they are strong enough to push you without having to do put to much effort into your paddling. The standard foam board is good for this stage.

Once you feel confident enough, you should now paddle out and try to take the open waves. This is the next step. Check the surf forecast and the condition of the waves so that are not closing to fast so that you can enjoy your session.

Though there are many things to covers when it comes to learning how to surf, like I said, just keep trying and have patience. You will learn in time, with practice! The most important is, like in everything else, to enjoy the ride!

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